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PACO Industries Publications :
100% genuine Paco Industries carbon credit certificates
A Brief History of Australia
From Paco Industries' always helpful Histories on a Page series™
Years of history (decades even!) condensed by our engineers to a single very readable page.
We under-pay our engineers to keep costs low for you!
Also available in a Southern Hemisphere edition.
Bold tags!
You never know when you might need to add an extra oooomph to your writings!
Now includes end tags!
(distribution of start and end tags is random. Not responsible for accidents.)
genuinely authentic Carbon Credit Certificates
PACO Industries Heavy Industry Products:
Pit-digger And Crusher, Oversize ©
Pit-digger And Crusher, Oversize replacement tracks
(Also compatible with Paco Industries brand tanks and missile carriers)
Polar Bear Gun (Mk2)
PACO Industries Fabrics Products :
All Paco Industries fabrics and clothing are now guaranteed 100% to be sweatshop free. All Paco Industries third world seamstresses have been fired and replaced with machines. Except for the security guards to keep the hungary hoards back, the only factory employee is Earl who spends his day in his air conditioned office on the fourth floor trying to teach penguins to fly.

Property of Paco Industries T-shirt ©
Also available with a genuine Paco industries inventory tracking number.
Paco Industries Atomic T-shirt
Paco Industries T-shirt
Paco Industries Life isn't fair T-shirt Paco Industries Just Do It T-shirt Paco Industries Efficient T-shirt
Paco Industries Australia T-shirt Paco Industries company motto T-shirt

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Paco Industries Boobielicious T-shirt

Available in both women's and husky men's sizes

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