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Bucyrus Erie model 1850B aka Big Brutus

PACO industries presents :

Pit-digger And Crusher, Oversize ©

Perfect for crushing and burying things.
Bucket is large enough for most needs.

Environmentally friendly!
  • Great for carpooling (car capacity limited by volume of cars not weight. Bucket capacity is limited to approx 150tons)
  • Better gas milage than a Prius! 100% electric!
  • No more roadkill! It moves at a careful, unhurried pace (0.22miles or 0.35km per hour) letting you leave the gentle woodland creatures at peace. Otherwise, ask about the Turbo™ edition.
  • Use it to dig a ditch completely around your home, fill with water and establish a crocodile wildlife preserve.

11 million pound weight adequate for crushing aluminum cans or other evidence.

Are you a grumpy old man? This is perfect for getting those darn kids off your lawn (may have a slight adverse effect on lawn)

Easy payment installment plan.
Makes a great gift.

buy now!